Wreyford, acknowledge as opposed to objection, was in argument

Also, there is certainly zero lead positive testimony you to definitely, if it is signed, it absolutely was signed towards the requisite formality, that’s, “authorized and you may bound so you’re able to ahead of a police registered to administer oaths. Wreyford *225 provided to trade autos, the guy lead brand new Pontiac in order to Mr. Wreyford and you may picked up Mr. Wreyford’s Ford, picking up at the same time the new “tag receipt” safely moved; one at that time Mr. Wreyford didn’t have in his palms the latest certification regarding term, however, he created in order to secure and you may performed safer a certificate of label at a later time; which he did not get the label directed for the details of one’s Administrator in order to Triangle Used Automobiles because this is not what the laws need; one “According to rules, once i read it, you can keep a subject before you can ended up selling they once more, you import they didn’t have are moved out-of him in my opinion and you may us to another person”; but that term with the Ford gotten so you can him by the Mr.

Wreyford. Wayne Pilgrim, manager on finance company (plaintiff inside fi. Melancon got advised him whose vehicles it absolutely was; that when Melancon named respecting so it alter, the guy (Pilgrim) told him (Melancon) that as the Ford is actually a beneficial `63 model auto “he [meaning Triangle Used Vehicles, Inc.

Melancon to take a down to pay off this new notice into the Pontiac and the the fresh note to pay for money getting loaned with the Ford; that he had seen the Ford with the Triangle’s parcel to the multiple occasions; one Mr

He brought the floor package put in writing with the `63 Ford Fairlane, additionally the label and he threw they upon the fresh new table immediately before me.

We think that it testimony suggests without a doubt that each other Melancon and Pilgrim was in fact aware of your own requirement of the new “Motor vehicle Certificate out of Name Act,” which Pilgrim, because the broker of the finance company, whenever you are discussing Melancon, given that agent out-of Triangle Utilized Autos, is insisting, and you can intent on ascertaining, that every the needs of you to Act is complied which have just before Individuals Mortgage & Financing advanced money on this new Ford vehicle that has been protected by the latest specifications of your Operate. Yes, if this testimony was aided by the universal *226 code one to individuals is presumed to know what regulations demands also to adhere to its requirements, Mayor &c. out of Savannah v. Wade, 148 Ga. 766 (2) (98 SE 464), Hutchings v. Roquemore, 164 Ga. 637 (1) (139 SE 216), Swofford v. Glaze, 207 Ga. 532, 535 (1) (63 SE2d 342), we think this was sufficient to authorize the fresh new demo judge, sitting due to the fact trior out of the laws together with factors inside the possible, to obtain your claimant got invested Triangle Made use of Autos having indicia off possession with the Ford auto, and that the latest plaintiff inside the fi. fa, are authorized to cope with Triangle on the basis of such as for example indicia. Hence, the new trial legal is signed up to obtain the auto subject to the levy.

Melancon titled your to the telephone valuing transfer of the auto and you will questioned that he alter the notes on `62 Pontiac on `63 Ford, the guy informed your when it absolutely was based on the loan well worth with the Ford, they would take action; which he advised Mr

L. 1961, pp. Part sixteen of this Work, not, relieves a supplier from inside the vehicles of responsibility enforced up on most other transferees because of the Point fifteen regarding protecting a different title certificate regarding new Money Administrator regarding title of dealer. Less than you to point the fresh new dealer is just required to keeps for the their arms the new certificate off label approved to your former manager having a project and you will guarantee off title duly done and you may pledged to before a police officer licensed to manage oaths, such as for instance assignment, whenever for this reason made to a distributor, are executed within the blank. In the event on bar the brand new term certificate in itself wasn’t brought in the facts, therefore the testimony about if the label certificate to the 1963 Ford vehicle and this Mr. Wreyford exchanged in order to Triangle Made use of Cars are actually ever closed by the Mr.